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5 Best supplements for men

The 5 best supplements for men to help the body cope with the every-day stresses and fast pace of a busy day!

  1. Feeling generally run down tired and just a bit out of sorts Vitamin D for that added boost as it plays a big part in the nervous system and is very good for the immune system and bone health. It is better to take Vitamin D in the mornings as it could disrupt your sleep.
  2. If your body feels like it is taking strain after a workout you should look at taking Omega-3 fatty acids or increasing food which is high in this compound in your diet. They reduce inflammation, stress and are good to increase endurance. Foods that contain this are salmon, chia seeds and nuts.
  3. For those who are not sleeping very well try adding magnesium to your daily intake of supplements.
    Magnesium is not only good for your bones and muscles but it is also good for brain function. For very active men Magnesium is a must!
  4. For strained or tired muscles it is best to start taking creatine, it is an organic acid that helps muscle cells create ATP.
  5. Probiotic the good bacteria filled with many health benefits that can actually give your workout that added boost.

As with any sort of supplement and various forms of medications, supplements, vitamins and so, it is always advisable to take them under a doctor or nutritionist supervision to ensure you are taking the correct doses and supplements to meet your required need.

Try to each fresh raw/uncooked vegetable whenever and wherever you can as they contain most vitamins in their purest form and from which you can get the most benefit.

As with exercise there really is no quick shortcut way to achieve your optimum health.  Instead, the path is really quite difficult and daunting!  But patience, perseverance and hard work pay off to lead to a healthier, fitter and happier you.  When you are healthy and happy it encourages others around to follow suit and so too will their followers.

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