Over–the-Counter Natural Cures

Written by Shane Ellison, M.S.
Shane is a former chemist and known as “The Peoples Chemist” by his readers has written this book as an insider guide to inexpensive to increase your health in 30 days and stay fit and lean forever.

New Vitamin Bible

Written by Earl Mindell, RPh, PhD
Earl has put together this classic guide to various new vitamins and supplements to help you live a longer, healthier and better life.

Fortify Your Life

Written by Teiraona Low Dog, M.D.
Dr Low Dog explains all the basics about the essential nutrient supplement with a guide to help the reader create a personalized supplement plan.

The Magnesium Miracle (Revised and Updated Edition)

Written by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.
Highlighting new discoveries in magnesium research this revised and updated edition of the book explains the vital role magnesium plays in our body and life.

Fruit Infused Water

Written by Susan Marque
Susan explains the benefits of fruit infused water with a collection of mix-and-match flavors.